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Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

This product helps a range of organizations including airports, offices, hotels, universities, restaurants, schools, public places to gain complete control over their WiFi networks. It allows to register users, control bandwidth & volume and sell data over the network. Solution included AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) with RADIUS functions, integration with leading Wi-Fi access Gateways with Cloud based access point controllers. Wi-Fi solutions are categorized as Guest Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi, Private Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi for Multi Dwelling Units.

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions
Guest Wi-Fi

Allowing access for Guest users of simple and medium sized enterprises to browse internet using single sign on (SSO) enabled captive portal. All functionalities are manageable to the enterprise owners.

Private Wi-Fi

Managed private Wi-Fi solutions for internal staff of the enterprise. Offices can now allow staff to access the Wi-Fi network without site restrictions while maintaining capacity and speed for core requirement.

Public Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi solution for public areas. Airports, Parks, Theatres, Stadiums, public rallies are ideal places to apply this solution.

Wi-Fi for Multi Dwelling Units

Managed Wi-Fi solution for the Multi dwelling units such as universities, housing schemes, schools, etc. Each user identified as specific entity (VLAN) and billing facilities are included for the same entity.

Telecom billing and CRM solutions

Handling customer and billing records is vital process in many instances to provide services like activations, customer care services etc. Analyze the CDRs for network intelligence solutions and Dashboards. Our CRM solution can be implemented across the departments in telecom companies and allows to manage the information flow effectively and efficiently

Telecom value added service solutions

We have developed and implemented SMS, USSD and IVR based solutions for telecom companies to interact with their customers in many ways like SIM activations, Preferred Number Selections, Owner data verifications etc…

CRM Products

CRM Products

Sales Play - Point of Sales

Our POS is a perfect solution for any kind of business including cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, salon, food truck, car wash, book store or any other business. It is designed to support a simple cafe to a large restaurant with tab ordering, multiple outlets integrated with Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs or BOTs). Our cloud based POS Platform comes with latest technologies that can be used on Android, Web and iOS systems. Solution consist with a number of add-ons to cover the entire eco system of any type of business. The connectivity is a key factor and we have made available the APIs to integrate with other systems such as accounting, CMR e, multiple outlets etc. The software is tested to run on many hardware brands, therefore the user has the freedom to choose their own hardware supplier. We support all types of printers via connecting through Bluetooth, Cable, Wi-Fi or USB printer.

You can replace your conventional cash register and billing system with Our POS loaded on a phone, tablet, PC or on a cash register and start tracking sales and inventory in real time. Create items, view sales/ inventory reports, manage multiple stores in the cloud web portal.

Key Features
Invoicing / Billing
Sales Management
Inventory Management
Customer Management
KOT / BOT Management
Queue Management
  • Use Free
    Use Free
  • Multiple Locations
    Multiple Locations
  • Offline Capable
    100% offline capable
  • Locations wise manage
    Locations wise manage
  • Analytics
  • Complete Features
    Complete Features
  • Stock Control
    Stock Control
  • Smart Device
    Works with any smart device
  • Web Portal
    Back Office Web portal
  • Support
    24/7 Support

Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage Platform is a cloud based comprehensive all-in-one digital signage software equipped with the latest technology to deliver innovative digital marketing campaigns for companies and brands effectively and efficiently.

You can create, manage, and distribute digital content to networks of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainment, merchandising, and advertising. The flexibility offered in the software helps organizations to manage any number of displays and campaigns simultaneously

Digital Signage
Why Our Digital Signage
  • Product specific experience
  • Cutting-Edge Architecture – Features including easy upgradeability, broad compatibility, secure database backend, proof of playback reporting, and simplified content delivery – provide the flexibility, security and ease of use while allowing customization and integration with external devices and/or databases.
  • Fully Customizable/scalable – The platform offers maximum flexibility when creating and managing campaigns while allowing to add any number of devices.
  • Complete – It offers built-in rapid authoring, web-based content management, data driven templates, supports both interactive (e.g.: touch screens) and non-interactive displays.
  • Easy to Manage – With state-of-the-art web accessible content management, planning and scheduling tools included in the platfrom, management and control of your network is simplified - minimizing the resources required to control and maintain your network.
  • Unparalleled aftersales support.
  • Dedicated staff for after sales support.
Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager
  • Organizations can create and manage multiple campaigns across multiple digital signage screens.
  • Campaigns can be scheduled by time of the day, day of the week, locations, etc.
  • The displays can be divided into multiple segments as per the requirements of the clients and different campaigns can be run on different segments in the same screen
  • Supports a number of different advertisement types including images, image sliders and videos.
  • Support Approvals
Ad Exchanger
Ad Exchanger
  • All ads entered to the system are handled by the Ad Exchange module.
  • Capable of handling different priorities and display durations for different campaigns
  • Different types of campaigns can be processed and delivered to displays
  • Can connect with other platforms via APIs as necessary
Digital Signage Terminals
Digital Signage Terminals
  • The platfrom is designed to run on android terminals ensuring a vast array of features and maximum flexibility
  • Terminals can run and display content offline and internet connection is only required to communicate with Ad exchanger in server side.
  • Any type of android screen such as display panels, TVs, mobiles, etc. are supported

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